Most goals of a doctor's assessment of a cancer patient is to determine how far the cancer has already spread and how likely it is to spread further, both of which are key factors in the likelihood that the patient will be cured. The assessment of the tumor's spread is termed staging, and the assessment of how aggressive the cancer cells are is termed grading. cheap viagra Staging of nasal cancers is performed by visual inspection of tumors (maybe through endoscopy) or visualization of tumors by imaging techniques like x rays, mris, or ct scans. viagra samples The doctor may also attempt to feel for tumors manually. happens if you mix viagra viagra This information will be used to create an official stage for the tumor that is a standardized expression of how much the tumor has already spread. happens if you mix viagra viagra Because tumors of the nasal vestibule and cavity are rare, and because they are comprised of so many different types, no one staging system has been defined for use with these cancers. Cancers of the paranasal sinuses have a defined staging system based on the tnm system, and this system is often used for describing nasal cancers. buy cheap viagra The t in the tnm system represents the growth of the local tumor, n describes the spread of the tumor to the lymph nodes, and m describes the spread, or metastasis, of the cancer to distant body sites. viagra coupon The cancer is given various numbered ratings in each letter category, and these are used to create a standardized stage. Generally, tumors with no invasion of local tissues are described as stage i, while tumors with minimal invasion of local tissues are identified as stage ii. viagra prescription required Tumors that have extensive local invasion or that have spread to the lymph nodes but which have not metastasized are described as stage iii or early stage iv (a and b). Stage ivc tumors are any tumors which have metastasized. buy viagra canada Most nasal cancers (up to 80%) have already spread to other body sites by the time the symptoms prompt a patient to see their doctor. This fact, combined with the fact that the area is anatomically complex and tightly constructed, makes it very important that the first attempt at treatment is well-planned, with input from a multidisciplinary team and thorough evaluation of the cancer before treatment is begun. happens if you mix viagra viagra Since cancers of the nasal cavity and vestibule include many different types of cancers, treatment will vary depending on the type of cancer involved, where it is located, and the extent to which it has already spread. Because of this, and because of the complexity of the anatomy in the area and the multitude of other important structures that may be involved in later stages, treatment of nasal cancers is highly individualized, with no firm standard practice guidelines. what happens when women viagra For most nasal cancers, treatment will involve surgical removal of the tumor followed by four to five weeks of radiation therapy. In advanced cancers, preoperative radiation therapy may also. can i legally buy viagra online online viagra without prescription